Football it was magical

I saw the Champions League final from the inside. It was magical
Any trip to a match for a journalist begins with an accreditation. But the Champions League final is a special procedure. You need to fill out a bunch of documents…

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Unlucky lucky. 6-time champion can complete a career in 22 years
The current season for Bayern Munich is rather strange - at the beginning of the campaign, only the lazy did not predict the early resignation of Niko Kovacs, and a…

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Fighter pilot became a star of football and journalism
“It was a terrible time: a sea of ​​murders, explosions” Sunderland paid 18,000 pounds for me. Damn it, for those times it was a lot of money. Someone from the…

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Valery Lobanovsky – Great coach!

The older generation of football fans who took the beginning of the 1960s should remember well the famous corner kicks of Valery Lobanovsky, the attacking Dynamo player of Kiev Dynamo. He twisted the ball so skillfully that, describing the curve, he suddenly turned sharply into the near or far corner for the goalkeeper.
Footballer Lobanovsky, who graduated from school with a gold medal and played at Dynamo, at the same time successfully studied at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Speaking in the language of science, he used the so-called Magnus effect, which deflects a rotating body from straight-line motion, in its proprietary corners. calculated the speed of the run, the point of application of the ball and its force, and then brought the corner to automatism, practicing the blow hundreds of times in training. Continue reading

Love at first sight

The German Bundesliga has always impressed with bright games and talented players. One of the Bundesteams is my favorite team – Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund is the heart of Westphalia, a small town with great fame.
In this team there were no legends and big world stars, but there was a soul and a huge passion for football. And in 2008, young Jürgen Klopp, who had previously coached Mainz, took over as head coach. Then, probably, the hearts of the fans of Borussia began to beat even stronger. He raised Dortmund to the world level. And on April 30, 2011, having defeated Nürnberg, Borussia became the German Champion. For the first time – under the leadership of Jürgen Klop. Continue reading

Football is magic

Each football team is unique. After all, this is a family. And each family has its own traditions and customs. In this case, the teams are different style of play, even the spirit of the game.
Arsene Wenger leads his team like a conductor of a symphony orchestra. He has everything, as the notes, melancholic and folded. The absolute opposite of him is the former Borussia coach D. Jurgen Klopp. Under his leadership, black and yellow worked incredible miracles. It was rock: tough, determined and scary beautiful. Emotions, drive, rabies, boldness, screams – this is all ingenious Klopp. Continue reading

Ten footballers who will tear in 2019

The end of the year is a time for interesting predictions. In 2018, the Golden Ball was received by Luka Modric, thereby interrupting the hegemony of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The 2019th Leo and Ron start with new forces, but at the same time, a whole team of rising stars has grown up behind their backs.
Ten best football players of 2019 for your attention. Got or not – let’s compare December 30, 2019.
The French wunderkind has reached incredible heights for his age, but the most important thing is not going to stop. Every year he runs faster, scores more, and he also adds leadership qualities from the point of view. It seems that Neymar regretted that he had moved to Paris. The shadow of Mbappa is larger than that of Messi – getting out of it in 2019 will be even more difficult. Continue reading

Forgotten homeland. 5 players from Germany

The loud statements that the Russian national team reached a new level after the World Cup died down – everything gradually returns to its roots, replete with hopelessness, humiliation and rolling the ball. Cherchesov still stubbornly ignores Chalov and Karavaev, causing dubious personalities in the person of Neustedter and Ari, and fans put to sleep by the fantastic World Cup awaken from their sleep and begin to do their favorite work again – throw stones at the national garden.
Breeding in the national team at zero, because citizenship is scattered right and left, they don’t really call up ready-made players, and then at press conferences they don’t know what to say. In the light of the recent (and far from the first) failures of the national team, we are compiling a list of players who are far from their historical homeland but could really help in the New Year. Continue reading

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Football players use snus. Why is it important?
Snus is a smokeless type of tobacco. It contains almost three times more nicotine than a regular cigarette. Crushed moist tobacco is placed for some time between the upper or…


Mauro Camoranesi: the cruel fate of the half-forgotten titanium of Italian football
Mauro Camoranesi remains a mystery to the entire football world. He deserves to be remembered, and he has something to brag about for his rich career, but it just so…


What is it - to root for the team, which is long gone
“My life changed dramatically on May 6, 2006, on the day of Saint George, which is highly revered in Ossetia. On this day, Stavropol Dynamo and Alania (1: 3) played…