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5 coaches who became multimillionaires after being fired

The work of the head coach in modern football every year becomes more and more important aspect in terms of the achievements of the team. It is not enough for mentors to simply prepare the team physically with high quality, but it is also necessary to pay tremendous attention to a number of tactical nuances, psychological moments and other various factors. Those who succeed best of all necessarily receive the recognition and informal status of top coaches.
However, the top coach, unlike the top football player, still, as a rule, earns less. It’s not cool, but the player – the persona is more interesting for the same advertisers, and therefore the coach has to work harder and harder to get a decent salary.
However, in this profession there are moments that can be described only in one capacious word – “jackpot”. Speech about situations when the management of clubs unilaterally comes to cancellation of the labor agreement, because of what the mentor relies the previously agreed amount of the penalty. The last such case – the dismissal of Jose Mourinho, which cost Manchester United 22.5 million pounds.
Let’s talk about the five coaches who received a record-of-date payments for the early termination of their contracts.
Fabio Capella – 11 million pounds
An authoritative Italian specialist who completed his coaching career in April of this year and retired, fabulously made himself rich “out of the blue” in 2015, when he was dismissed from his post as head coach of the Russian team. The RFU bosses decided to dismiss Capello, because they saw a serious risk that the national team would not qualify for the 2016 European Championship.
Earlier, under Capello, Russia could not win a single victory in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, finishing with two points in third place in the group with Belgium, Algeria and Korea. Given the whole range of problems in the team, the contract with Capello was terminated early, for which the leadership of the RFU had to pay an enormous £ 11 million to the Italian legend.
Before working with the Russian national team, Capello successfully worked as a mentor with Milan, Roma, Juventus and Real. After being dismissed from his post as coach of the Russian national team in his 69-year-old Capello’s career, there was a pause for two years.
Only in the summer of 2017, Capello resumed his coaching career again, leading the Chinese Jiangsu Suning, but he was unable to achieve success with this team, despite serious financial contributions to its strengthening. In March 2018, Capello decided to resign from Jiangsu Suning due to deteriorated relations with the club management. A month later, an experienced tutor announced about retiring from football.
André VILLASH-BOACH – 12 million pounds
One of the assistants, Jose Mourinho at Porto, Chelsea, and then Inter Villas-Boash, Inter, in 2009 began an independent coaching career and pretty soon she went up.
In May 2011, Porto, under the leadership of Villash-Boash, won the Europa League, which led to a serious interest in the person of the young specialist from a number of continental top clubs. Chelsea was the most persistent, with whom in the summer of 2011 the Portuguese coach swung a three-year contract.
However, work in London Villas-Boash failed and one full season. In March 2012, he was fired due to poor athletic performance. However, it is unlikely that the coach remained at the mercy of such a decision, because he received an incredible 12 million pounds for early termination of the contract. The extravagance in this situation on the part of the owner of Chelsea Roman Abramovich will become even more obvious if we add that Londoners had to pay Porto a fine of 13.3 million pounds to sign Villash-Boash.
Now Andre Villas-Boas is out of work. His last club was the Chinese “Shanghai SIPG”, which he left in November last year, not wanting to extend the labor agreement previously concluded for one season.
Luis Felipe SKOLARI – 12.6 million pounds
Scolari is winning the world title in 2002 with the Brazilian national team. After that, from 2003 to 2008, the mentor worked at the head of the national team of Portugal, until Roman Abramovich and his Chelsea became interested in his services.
In July 2008, Scolari signed a contract with the London club, but was dismissed from there in February next year. The reason is banal and customary for coaching work – poor sports results of the team. Chelsea for the early termination of the employment relationship with Scolari had to fork out for 12.6 million pounds.
After Chelsea, Scolari managed to work in the Uzbek Bunedkor, Palmeiras, with the Brazilian national team, in Gremio and Guangzhou Evergrand. Despite its current 70 years, Scolari remains one of the most sought after.