Who is Ayrton Lucas and why is he to Spartak?
On Monday, December 17, Spartak announced the acquisition of left-back Fluminense, Ayrton Lucas, with whom…

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tasty onions
Ten most insane Christmas Premier League
In England, the rest is not accepted. Call Alexander Elagina - we remember the particularly…

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A politician who loves football
Fellut is a tiny village near Budapest, where about two thousand people live. The tranquility…


Ten most insane Christmas Premier League
In England, the rest is not accepted. Call Alexander Elagina - we remember the particularly…

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Football players use snus. Why is it important?

Snus is a smokeless type of tobacco. It contains almost three times more nicotine than a regular cigarette. Crushed moist tobacco is placed for some time between the upper or lower lip and gum. Then nicotine enters the body. The sale of snus is prohibited in almost all EU countries, but its use is not limited. Among athletes, this type of tobacco is very popular.
Why talk about him?
In England, discussing the material on the facts of the use of snus among the players of the English Championship. Shredded tobacco is popular with footballers in the Premier League and Championship. For example, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Newcastle defender Jamal Lassells subscribed to the snus distribution pages. They say that this type of tobacco affects concentration and strength, and also suppresses appetite. But doses are often abused, and from it develops bad consequences.
Due to the positive properties, WADA has included shredded tobacco in the monitoring list. This means that snus can soon be recognized as doping. At the same time, snus provokes the formation of cancer cells. If nicotine in ordinary cigarettes affects the lungs, then moistened tobacco suffers from teeth and gums. Gum cancer is a common disease among snus users. Therefore, it is treated differently. In some football clubs, when signing a contract with a player, he is forced to undergo an examination by a dentist. Someone just fine for use.
Snus is really so popular?
If we talk specifically about the use of shredded tobacco, then the Lester players are exactly among the leaders. Jamie Vardy even in his autobiography did not hide the fact that he and other players took snus. The attacker was noticed with tobacco in 2016, when he was in the England team location. This month, packets of such tobacco were spotted right on the Lester bench. Representatives of the club say they fully comply with anti-doping rules. But for all English and Scottish football, the scale of using snus becomes a problem.
For example, with bags of tobacco, the famous trainer Neil Lennon was repeatedly noticed. He used snus during matches, in training and in general everywhere. A big fan of snus and Swedish defender of Manchester United Viktor Lindelef. It seems he has a whole collection of jars of shredded tobacco. He always advertised snus and did not hesitate to admit that he uses it.
John Bramhall, Deputy Head of the Football Association of England, stated the official position of the organization: “This is what we know and will control. We will look for whether it is necessary to explain the risks associated with the use of this substance.
The importance of the problem promised to discuss with the club doctor and Pep Guardiola. “The doctor entered my office to talk about it. I do not know the benefits or the degree of pleasure from the use of snus. I was preparing for training when I found out. And we’ll figure it out, ”Pep said.
“This is a lot in the whole game, not only in the Premier League, first league, second league, Championships and Scotland. Snus came from Scandinavia, many players use it. It’s something, ”said Stoke City midfielder Charlie Adam.
Snus in Russia
The publication “BUSINESS Online” has published a whole investigation about how snus is used in Russian sports. Basically, this type of tobacco is popular with hockey players, young athletes and sports stars. It is said that in any Russian football club there is a person who uses snus. In Russia, snus has been officially banned for sale since December 2015. This incurs severe fines.