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Young top talents.

In 2003, the leadership of the Tuttosport publication had the idea to establish an award for the best young footballer in Europe, which will be awarded annually. In order to win it, a player must meet only two basic criteria – not to be over 21 and compete in one of the top divisions of the European championships. Being talented and standing out from the background of your peers is a matter of course for winning the Golden Boy.
Since then, sixteen different young footballers have won awards. The last few days ago was the Dutchman Mathys de Ligt from Ajax, but now it’s not about him, but about all fifteen of his predecessors. Who are they, where they played then and which team colors they are protecting now, what they have achieved and so on – let’s talk about all this.
2003 – Rafael VAN DER HAART
The first winner of Golden Boy was the Dutch midfielder Rafael van der Vaart, who defended at that time, as now de Ligt, the colors of “Ajax”. At the time of receiving the award from Tuttosport, van der Vaart was indeed considered one of the main young football stars in Europe, attracting interest to a person of a number of top clubs.
Young top talents. What made 15 winners of the Golden Boy Award
As a result, Rafa managed a generally good career, during which he played in Germany, England and Spain. Van der Vaart had two seasons at Real Madrid, but those were not the best of times for the Madrid team, which did not bring any serious trophies to the Dutch midfielder’s file. Not so long ago, van der Vaart “put his shoes on a nail”, and FootballHD devoted him to an exciting career, where there was a place for defeating the poverty in which he grew and was brought up, and for losing injuries, special material.
2004 – Wayne RUNIE
The Englishman hardly needs any additional ideas. Rooney received the Golden Boy Award at the age of 19 when he was already a Manchester United footballer, where he had just moved to the last day of the summer transfer window in 2004.
Young top talents. What made 15 winners of the Golden Boy Award
For thirteen years at Manchester United, Rooney turned into one of the top football players of modern football, becoming the top scorer in the history of the Manknunian team and beating the former seemingly almost eternal record of Bobby Charlton. The most significant trophies in Rooney’s career were five titles of the champion of England, as well as a victory in the Champions League in the 2007/2008 season. In addition, Wayne with 53 goals in the asset is the top scorer in the history of the national team of England. In the summer of 2017, Rooney returned to his native Everton, but after the season he went to conquer America, where he joined the DC United to this day, continuing his career at 33 years old.
2005 – Lionel Messi
Experts of Tuttosport have estimated the stunning talent of a young guy from Barcelona according to their merits in 2005, when the young Lionel was only 18 years old. However, hardly anyone could have predicted that Messi would conquer so many peaks, about which everything is well known in our time.
Young top talents. What made 15 winners of the Golden Boy Award
Enumerate all the triumphs and achievements of Messi is hardly worth it. It is enough just to mention that on his account there are five “Golden balls” – the highest individual awards in modern world football. It is also interesting that since 2005 there has been absolutely no change in the club career of Messi – both then and now he continues to be a Barcelona player. True, then he was only one of the promising young “avenues”, and now it is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the club.
The first Spaniard to win the Golden Boy was the midfielder at the time of London’s Arsenal Cesc Fabregas. At 19, this player was able to adequately perform in the main team of one of the English giants, which was respected by analysts at Tuttosport.
With Arsenal, Cesc could not achieve serious victories, but then he still gained titles, becoming the champion of Spain in Barcelona and the two-time champion of England in the Chelsea camp. In the camp of the “blue” 31-year-old at the moment Cesc now continues his football career, which is true, not having the role of an unconditional player in the main squad. However, this talented Spaniard still achieved a lot, because he has a number of successes in the international arena, where he became the European champion twice (2008, 2012) and once – the world champion
The second after Messi and the last to the current moment winner of the Golden Boy award, representing Argentina. Aguero was recognized as the best young footballer playing in Europe when he played in Spain in the ranks of Atletico Madrid.
In 2011, Sergio moved to “Manchester City”, where he stands to this day, having managed to score for the “citizens” more than a hundred and fifty heads. The most outstanding achievements of Aguero in football.