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Football was being killed in my hometown. But he still survived

Kirzhach – a city on the border of the Vladimir region with a population of about 30 thousand people. In the summer it is filled with Moscow summer residents, and the rest of the time this place lives a quiet and measured life. At the district and regional championships, football players from Kirzhach sometimes give out something good, but they do not make it any further. Below is a story about amateur football that ordinary teens tried to save.
There is no professional football in Kirzhach. Championships of the region and the region – the ceiling for all who know how to do something with the ball. Stadiums are maintained in good condition, but often only mothers with children walk on them. Coaches-activists carry children to football tournaments from football sections. They are few, and none of the players still make their way somewhere higher. One of the guys tried out for a large-scale view at CSKA – I didn’t get to the final list. Teens love football, so chase the ball in the yards. Moreover, organized entertainment in a small town is no longer to be found.
Once an event happened here that for five years cheered up city sports. The guys themselves organized ULFL – youthful amateur football league. In fact, the main part of each team lived in a certain area of ​​the city, which it represented. In fact, it could consist of those who just wanted to play. The organization was close to professional. The teams made contributions for which prizes were later bought. Changes in the application for the tournament were made only up to a certain point. At first they tried to enter the age ceiling in the championship, but then they removed it. There was here and its strict regulations. Text reviews of almost all the matches were published in a separate group. It all started tight. In the first seasons of the game took the field on the outskirts of the city between the forest and the playground, which in theory was intended specifically for football. There were gates and a place for matches, the net and the balls were bought. But there were unusual difficulties. For example, local motorists drank and made drift competitions on the field. After them, wide dusty bald spots remained on the grass. Later, the glade finally turned into sand, and before switching to normal lawns, many more oddities occurred.
The playground next to the field in such cases only thinks of the nursery. There is a table – and this is the reason for the noisy gatherings of various campaigns. In one of these cultural evenings there were several factors. Balls often flew in the wrong direction to the table, and the cries of football players prevented people from communicating. The war began on the survival of football from the area. Participated in it and the person who allegedly was supposed to look after this very platform. He motivated his assaults by the fact that after the games the trash remained on the field and the mats prevented the children. The rest is worse. On one of the spring days, a clean-up day was to be held at the site, to which all residents of the district were trying to drive away. It was assumed that at the appointed time should come and players to get out on the field. The chief of the team warned that all players will come in the evening. And the promise was fulfilled, but for some reason nobody heard it. Then the gates disappeared from the field, which they found in the very man in the garden! With persuasion they were returned a month later, but this did not end there. The raids and quarrels continued, but they didn’t want to see football here anymore.
Once everything was decided finally. Early in the morning, a man arrived with his young son on the field, loaded the gate into the car and drove into the forest. He broke the crossbar with a sledgehammer. Unfortunately for him, passersby saw him. The proceedings began, but the man strongly denied any involvement in the disappearance of the gate. Even a local deputy drove to the showdown, who also went against the young players. In such a situation, adults are generally believed.
It’s funny, but the same son, whom his father took with him to this crime, and told the truth about his affairs. He showed the direction to the forest, where the father took the gate. It was no longer possible to go against such an argument. In disgrace, the man left the site and did not appear on it for a long time, probably fearing condemnation. The attacks stopped, again you could safely play, but the tournament grew higher than just playing on the usual field of dubious quality. For the matches we agreed with the local stadiums, and even invited an arbiter to the finals from the district championship. The number of spectators at the final matches was comparable to some PFL games.