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Love at first sight

The German Bundesliga has always impressed with bright games and talented players. One of the Bundesteams is my favorite team – Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund is the heart of Westphalia, a small town with great fame.
In this team there were no legends and big world stars, but there was a soul and a huge passion for football. And in 2008, young Jürgen Klopp, who had previously coached Mainz, took over as head coach. Then, probably, the hearts of the fans of Borussia began to beat even stronger. He raised Dortmund to the world level. And on April 30, 2011, having defeated Nürnberg, Borussia became the German Champion. For the first time – under the leadership of Jürgen Klop. He found his home, his team, his family. And thanks to him, the 2011/2012 season was more successful.
Borussia has found its star. It was Robert Lewandowski. He immediately stole my heart. His game was not like any. Pole felt clearly at ease. He was loved, admired, and Jurgen was proud. But before the start of the season 2012/2013 something changed, something went wrong. Borussia lost to Bayern Munich twice. It is strange that it was during these difficult times for Borussia in the Bundesliga that I fell in love with Dortmund. Something told me that it was mine. With tears, I looked at their defeats, not yet knowing what kind of furor they would produce in the Champions League. It really was a strange feeling. I started to root for the very team that lost in many home games. But I did not look at it. I was consumed by the love of everything in this team. But, first of all, I was fascinated by the coach. Klopp is what many world clubs need. This crazy created the perfect machine for killing and destroying rivals. Black and yellow proudly marched and developed significantly under his leadership.
He became a father with many children, who had a special approach to each player. He is loved and respected by many famous world stars. And, having lost this time in the German Championship, he was even more diligently preparing Dortmund for the Champions League. And then came the long-awaited moment of the Champions League. From the very first games, Borussia began to stand out clearly, which could not but make me happy. They played according to the mechanism clearly built by the Klop and in the very first stage showed their leadership, beating even the Real Madrid. I was proud, very proud, because “Real” is more than just a strong rival. Overtaken by something very exciting and interesting. And my heart did not deceive me. In the quarter finals in the second leg against Malaga, Dortmund charmed, probably, half the planet. And I, with goosebumps on my body and trembling in my soul, watched this match. After all, its outcome and would decide the future of Dortmund in the Champions League. And so 25 minutes and the first goal. But we did not score, but us. I was not upset, because not everything was lost. Jurgen was on his guard, but he was calm. For the next few minutes, he was nervous. It was visible. Of course, if there is no goal against the Malaga. they have no further way. It was necessary to do something, take action, make replacements, change the system, or … he did not know. It feels like he really didn’t know what to do. But this was not the case. In appearance, it was a regular match, but for the Klop, this is a ticket to the Champions League, this is a chance and he should use it by any means.
How could Borussia miss such a goal? Protection did not work or Roma did not pull out? It was impossible to blame the goalkeeper, because this is a mistake of the whole team. But the boys were not upset, not confused, that they have very often, and tried to give battle. And here is the beginning of 40 minutes. Goetze, Royce and Lewandowski went on the attack. It was one of the highlights of the match: Mario gave a pass to Marco, and he gave the ball to Lewandowski with a chic heel, and well Robert scored a goal. Dortmund were happy, because they have a chance. The tension was increasing. Draw Jurgen Klop did not suit. But at 82 second minute, something that everyone was afraid of happened. “Malaga” played accurately and efficiently, thereby outperforming our defenders. They scored. It does not describe in words. I was thrown into a rage, the fans were at a loss. Will Borussia not go to the semifinals? The thought was spinning in my head: “82 minutes, you need to score 2 goals, it is impossible.” The rivals felt our weakness and confusion. What did Klopp feel? We were waiting for a miracle. And the fans of “Malaga” went to celebrate the victory. It seemed that Klopp had already lost hope, but no. He shouted, was angry. The players tried to pack up and change the lethal outcome of the match. But here is extra time, and the score is the same: 1: 2 in favor of the Spaniards. It was the end, but the fans were afraid to hear the referee’s whistle about the end of the match. But then … a sharp attack of Dortmund, I would even say a panic attack. The excitement of “Malaga”. The ball hits the legs of Royce and he did not hesitate to hit. Goal! Hope flickered in the hearts of the fans and the coach. The players quickly played out.