Football players use snus. Why is it important?
Snus is a smokeless type of tobacco. It contains almost three times more nicotine than…

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Who is Ayrton Lucas and why is he to Spartak?
On Monday, December 17, Spartak announced the acquisition of left-back Fluminense, Ayrton Lucas, with whom…

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Offside: how football players get into political scandals
In the match against the Czech Republic, the players of the Ukrainian national football team…


7 players who refused to work with Guardiola at Manchester City
The current Manchester City is a dream club. It has everything to achieve results and…

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The main virtues of 2018. Let’s talk about the “saints” of the world of football

Let’s be honest, footballers rarely boast a good reputation. Drinkers, brawlers and revelers – when you have money and fame, the world is full of temptations. But this is not always the case: in 2018 there were many who thought not only about themselves, but also about others. Let’s talk about the 11 major virtues of the past year.
Raheem Sterling
In England, the attitude towards the talented player “Manchester City” is strange: there are quite a few hacks who devote all their time to trying to blacken him. Why, why, it is difficult to say, because Rakhim himself more than once argued that he was a worthy person.
For example, in November, he paid a visit to 12-year-old Damari Dawkins, who spends all his days in a London hospital, where he leads an unequal battle with cancer. Sterling had a clear goal: he wanted to attract the attention of all potential African-Caribbean donors for bone marrow transplantation.
Beverly De Gale, co-founder of the African-Caribbean Trust to Combat Leukemia, said: “Damari was overjoyed when he saw him. When the Premier League champion comes into your room who is going to help, it’s like Christmas. He did not even believe that Rahim arrived from Manchester shortly after the match in France only to talk and help him find
This is not the first such case: Sterling constantly helps the “City” with charity. He also uses his wealth to help his family – for example, in February he bought a house for his sister. Previously, he made the same gesture towards his mother.
Mohammed Salah
We know well what Salahu was worth his success. He himself also perfectly remembers how difficult it is for those who are less fortunate in life than the rest.
In April, Salah donated 450 thousand dollars for the purchase of land for the construction of wastewater treatment plants in the Egyptian village Nagryg.
The Egyptian did much to improve the standard of living in his homeland, thanks to which he was nicknamed “The Creator of Happiness.” Mohammed often returns to find out about things at home and see old friends.
“You have no idea what it means to us. He has done so much for us and Egypt that it is impossible to describe everything. I have tears in my eyes with only one thought, ”said Matravi Abu Khabs, who works as a teacher.
“He still returns to the village and comes to us. He is not a stranger – and never will be. He does not like to star and avoids attention to his person. ”
Juan Mata
Juan Mata is known as “the most enjoyable football player in the world.” How not to love him? And the Spaniard continues to do everything to strengthen in this status. For example, in April it became known that the midfielder consistently helps the club after the matches.
“Juan decided not to leave and help ordinary employees. With them, he parses things after away matches – and this is not an easy task. ” They say that this is a pleasant gesture, but in fact it is in the order of things for him – he is simply the most pleasant football player in the world! ”, Wrote The Daily Mail reporter.
Another person who is very difficult not to love, N’Golo Kante got into the newspapers after he missed his team’s train to Paris after defeating Cardiff. A footballer found a mosque near the Kings Cross station, where he was recognized by Arsenal fan Badlur Rahman Jalil. Seeing a star, he did not hesitate to invite him to visit, and Kante … agreed.
As a result, the midfielder spent about two hours at home at Jalil.
“Islam teaches us to invite guests to dinner, and so I did. He did not refuse – in his words, he was alone and was still going home. He made me and my brother at FIFA, after which we watched a review of football matches. It was a great evening. ”
In November, Virgil van Dyck equalized the score in the Netherlands vs Germany game, thanks to which his team reached the final stage of the League of Nations. But Virgil did not want to celebrate the victory, but went to the referee Ovidiu Khatsegan, who was clearly worried after the final whistle.
“The referee has just lost his mother. He could not hold back the tears. I asked him to find the strength in himself and noted that he did a great job. A trifle, but maybe he felt a little easier. “