When only nero is left. "Rossoneri" got into a systemic crisis, despite 4th place in the championship
Georgy Artmeladze analyzes the situation, seeing negative aspects in the club’s activities. When only nero…

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Watch new agario server and get most kills!
Before Gareth Bale was Freddy Eastwood. The main hope of Wales, which almost everyone has forgotten
There were many geeks, but rarely one of them justifies the expectations. Eastwood was another…

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7 players who refused to work with Guardiola at Manchester City
The current Manchester City is a dream club. It has everything to achieve results and…


Sulskher in the United, and where are the others? Remember the coaching success of students of Sir Alex
Sulskher in the United, and where are the others? We recall the coaching success of…

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What is it – to root for the team, which is long gone

“My life changed dramatically on May 6, 2006, on the day of Saint George, which is highly revered in Ossetia. On this day, Stavropol Dynamo and Alania (1: 3) played in the second league. The elder brother Gregory brought me to the match. From that moment on, my heart turned to Ossetian tricolor, and my favorite colors were red and yellow – in honor of the club.
The fans pulled a giant “Alanya” football shirt on the fan sector and launched volleys: “Forward“ Alania ”, we are with you!”. I stood in a daze and felt like patriotism overcomes me. Since then, I have shown interest in the Ossetian culture, the republic. I took pride that my father was an Ossetian, and that in 1995 our small mountain republic became the champion of Russia.
I regularly watched the performances of “Alania”. In the wake of her success, my brother and I began to actively support the Ossetian football teams in the South zone: Avtodor, Fayur-Soyuz and Alania-D. We met and escorted teams in all Ossetian traditions – with three pies and a jug of wine. Players perceived it perfectly, repeatedly gave us club attributes. The players said Ossetian toasts, everyone was like one family. So, for several years in a row we went on trips to different parts of the Stavropol Territory and the Southern Federal District. Were in Pyatigorsk, Maikop, Armavir, Novokubansk, Krasnodar and other cities, where together with my brother perekrikvali guest stadiums and laid the tables.
Thanks to “Alania”, I visited many cities and towns, but most importantly – I lived as a team, was happy with its victories and was upset by defeats. The farthest exit is to Volgograd with my friend Ildar in 2009. From Stavropol to Volgograd distance – 620 kilometers. There were no problems at all. We went there three of us on the bus. We visited a memorable match when the father and son of the Veretennikovs together entered the field. And after the game we went in the same bus with the team and on the way we noted a successful result.
There was another ridiculous case, when we went by car to leave for Progress settlement of Novoaleksandrovsky district. It turned out that another Progress from the neighboring region was hammered into the navigator. As a result, we arrived at a collective farm, where the field was around, and were late for the game, hitting only the second half.
The most memorable moment is when we went to Vladikavkaz with the brothers for the RFPL match against Zenit (2: 3). It so happened that we went before the meeting into the room under the stands, from where all St. Petersburg stars and our players should come out. The stadium guard took us for football players. We just had similar equipment. The brother was also told: “Why have you not changed clothes yet? The field is about to go out soon. ” Then they came closer to us and realized that they were mistaken. Everyone was surprised that we were there. I managed to communicate with Arshavin and Kerzhakov. They said: “Play is not very tough. You guys are young and hot, and we have a lot of national team players. ”
The most offensive departure with my participation – for the match “Krasnodar” – “Alania” (5: 1). The atmosphere was super. The game came a lot of people from different cities. But the result was disappointing. We were clear favorites and had to go to the Premier League. I will never forget that disappointment and resentment for a careless game. Although it was offensive to see how “Alania” could not win the unmotivated “Saturn” in Ramenskoye (1: 1) and flew into the first division.
A memorable game – “Alania” – “Spartak” (5: 2). I watched this match on TV, but the broadcast was interrupted. Then I called Ildar, who made an audio broadcast for me right from the stadium.
I also remember the meeting in the Europa League against “Aktobe”, where “Alania” won a penalty shoot-out. To celebrate, my friends and I got into the car, drove along to national music in the center of the city and waved flags from the windows of the car. Our euphoria was supplemented by police officers who stopped us and wanted to write a penalty for breaking the order. From us they heard: “Go ahead,“ Alania ”! We are with you!”. Fortunately, then everything ended quietly and peacefully.
Home matches of “Alania” were unforgettable, where 25 thousand spectators came to the stadium, and I was in the very center of this boiling cauldron. After the matches, my uncle, who was an employee of the club, took me to the room near the stands, where I could actually see the teams’ trophies and trophies.
Recently, in Vladikavkaz, there was a friendly match between the Champions Team and the Ossetia National Team, which was attended by a full stadium. Our people live in football and dream of repeating the 1995 triumph. I want to draw attention to the fact that the team collapsed and did not find the perpetrators. That is, the leadership of the club and the republic were at the same time. I don’t want to leave the team to the mercy of fate, because Ossetia gave [the country] so many talented players. ”
Yevgeny Shuklin, a fan of Nizhny Novgorod
At the end of the 2011/12 season, Nizhny Novgorod took the third place in the FNL season and played butt matches with the 14th team of the RFPL Volga, which represented the same region. Having lost by the sum of two matches, Nizhny Novgorod merged with the structures of Volga under its brand.