Football was being killed in my hometown. But he still survived
Kirzhach - a city on the border of the Vladimir region with a population of about 30 thousand people. In the summer it is filled with Moscow summer residents, and…

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Interesting facts about the FIFA World Cup 2018
1. The World Cup Final turned out to be surprisingly productive: France and Croatia scored 6 goals for two. So many goals in the World Cup finals have not been…

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Football players use snus. Why is it important?
Snus is a smokeless type of tobacco. It contains almost three times more nicotine than a regular cigarette. Crushed moist tobacco is placed for some time between the upper or…

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The most expensive defenders in the history of “Barcelona”

FootballHD recalls defense players whose transfers cost the Catalan club treasury a pretty penny.
December 20, “Barcelona” announced an agreement with “Valencia” about the transition on loan to defender Jason Murillo. For the six months of the loan, the Catalans paid 2.5 million euros to the Levantis, and also registered in the contract a redemption option of 25 million euros.
If in the summer Barcelona wants to use the option and concludes a full-fledged contract with Murillo, this player will go down in the history of the Catalan club, as one of the most expensive defense players. So far, the top ten most expensive defenders bought by Barcelona look like this.
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Mauro Camoranesi: the cruel fate of the half-forgotten titanium of Italian football

Mauro Camoranesi remains a mystery to the entire football world. He deserves to be remembered, and he has something to brag about for his rich career, but it just so happened that it was not accepted to praise him, and the Italian heroes of the time chose others.
Play Mauro in the Premier League, and about him would still sing songs. Hardworking, loyal, aggressive, powerful, purposeful, masterful, disinterested, bipedal, easily adaptable and resolute – he had all the qualities of a cult figure. But somehow he went unnoticed, in the shadow of his contemporaries.
Mauro Camoranesi was born in 1976 in Tandil in the province of Buenos Aires. Continue reading

Fighter pilot became a star of football and journalism

“It was a terrible time: a sea of ​​murders, explosions”
Sunderland paid 18,000 pounds for me. Damn it, for those times it was a lot of money. Someone from the team joked, saying that my legs are made of gold, which is why I got such a large amount. The most interesting thing is that some fans believed in this nonsense: they met me on the street, rounded my eyes and avoided it if I didn’t hurt or injure, ”lied Ivor Brodis, the former England striker, in conversation with the journalist The Telegraph.
Actually, his name was Ivan. The captain of the Tottenham farm club, where Brodis played before the war, is to blame for the miraculous transformation of the name. Continue reading

Interesting facts about the World Cup
Very little time remains before the start of the World Cup, which will be held in our country. And the very first such tournament was held in 1930 in Uruguay.…


How "Manchester City" beat "Liverpool" and returned to the golden race
In the match, which indirectly could be called gold, Guardiola and Klopp again came face to face to give us the best football. After the zeros on the scoreboard in…


What are “crosses” anyway? Injury that knocked out three players of the Russian national team
One of the main stabilizers of the knee joint is the anterior cruciate ligament, there is also the posterior. The front prevents the forward movement of the lower leg under…