Young top talents.
In 2003, the leadership of the Tuttosport publication had the idea to establish an award…

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Football was being killed in my hometown. But he still survived
Kirzhach - a city on the border of the Vladimir region with a population of…

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I earn so much that I can buy your life. ” The most fierce brawler of our time
"Such a life. It's just me, ”Marco Arnautovich said with a helpless gesture when he…


Is it time to go out?
Transfers have been an integral part of football since its inception. At first they are…

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German goalkeeper with

I saw the Champions League final from the inside. It was magical

Any trip to a match for a journalist begins with an accreditation. But the Champions League final is a special procedure. You need to fill out a bunch of documents and leave detailed information about yourself, after which the UEFA spokespersons make inquiries about the existence of the media and people who want to be accredited. Anyone can both refuse and confirm the application. The answer has to wait about a month. All this time you live impatiently from waiting, and every day, convulsively, 10 times a day, you check the mail, where the answer should come from just one main word: confirmed or rejected. This is something like a childhood at school, when you are waiting for a test grade or exam and are afraid that the teacher will say loudly to the whole class that you are not satisfied.
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What are “crosses” anyway? Injury that knocked out three players of the Russian national team

One of the main stabilizers of the knee joint is the anterior cruciate ligament, there is also the posterior. The front prevents the forward movement of the lower leg under the femur, the back – in the opposite direction. Injuries can be different – both stretching and partial or full tears. As doctors say, the knee is the largest and most complex joint in humans. And the anterior cruciate is damaged much more often than the back.
Are you injured by a blow?
Basically, no. It used to be that such a trauma was triggered by the strongest blow to the knee. But when it began to be studied in more depth, it turned out that even one awkward movement or a sharp turn was enough. You can get it when landing or with a stand on the legs with a sharp twisting of the knee. However, a powerful blow to the knee, too, is enough. Continue reading

A politician who loves football

Fellut is a tiny village near Budapest, where about two thousand people live. The tranquility of a sleepy Hungarian corner with one main street and several shops is broken only by the “Pancho Arena” – an architectural masterpiece, opened in 2014 with a capacity of 3.8 thousand spectators. The cozy stadium is more like a cathedral: wooden vaults and copper towers give the building an appropriate flavor. Only parking adds a modern appearance to the arena: you can often see the cars of Hungary’s richest people on it.
“Pancho Arena” – a project of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the construction of which took 17 million dollars. The 54-year-old politician has been driving the country since 2010, supports Putin and is simply obsessed with football. Orban fell ill with this game before birth. His father was a fan of football and dragged along with his family, even for open training. Continue reading