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Veteran “Spartacus”, which still has not lit.

Many spoke of a small, fragile boy from the Spartak double. The head coach with a sonorous name failed, and instead the team was headed by a general director who had never coached anyone before. It seemed that such a rearrangement would not bring red and white anything but a new failure, but Karpinsky Spartak -2009 turned out to be perhaps the prettiest in the recent history of the club. Would he be a champion, but the cruel pragmatist Kurban Berdyev shattered all hopes to smithereens.
The guy from the double had already cut through the game for the home team. He scored his first goal at the age of 16 very beautifully in the Krasnodar Cup game, and in the derby with Lokomotiv at the age of 17 years and 8 days, he became the youngest scorer in the history of Russian championships. The line of attack in 2009 was replenished with super-talented youth in the person of Ananidze and Yakovlev: six goals for two for half a season is a very decent result.
As a result, Yakovlev could not really start playing and no longer rises above Anzhi and Krylya Sovetov, although he occasionally shoots. A similar fate for Jano, even if that Spartak took only a year to go. A year after his debut, Ananidze made a double in the game with Siberia (his second goal in that match was generally recognized as one of the most beautiful of the season) and made his debut in the Champions League. “This is the same guy who grows up into a superstar in Football Manager,” Chelsea fans then told each other on their forum.
Ananidze’s performance in the game was really crazy, but in real life it was difficult to verify all this. 2011 “Spartak” started enchantingly, turning the game in Basel – 0: 2 after the first half, the game did not really go, but eventually won 3-2, and the winning ball from the penalty scored just Cano into the goal of the Argentinian Costanzo (by the way, also superstars by FM standards, but much earlier period). However, the matches of the later stages of Ananidze stayed on the bench, and then got injured and dropped out until the summer. In June – the same story: “Spartak” could have flown large “Lokomotiv” in the first half, but instead scored two goals and won. The winning goal was scored by Jano, who was soon injured again.
It seemed that Unai Emery would definitely reveal this talent, but Ananidze did not grow – all the same rare bursts. Yes, there were two very beautiful goals against Dynamo and Krylya Sovetov, but they did not fit into the system. “Spartak” spoiled, and Jano also did not work. For the season 2013/14, he was rented together with Dziuba, and there he won at least a trophy – the Cup of Russia. As he returned – two more useless seasons with Murat Yakin and Dmitry Alenichev in Spartak. It seems to be only 23 years old, and Jano is already a veteran of the team with a hundred matches behind him, and no one wanted to hope for him. All have long been fed up with stories about Aleksandr Pavlenko, who was called to replace Yegor Titov, but in fact, due to the nature of his character and his own trauma, his potential did not even develop by half.
In the championship season, it seemed to go. He scored first Cypriots, then two Tula “Arsenal”, at the end of the summer grieved “Anji”, then beautifully put “Orenburg”. And then I had to wait for effective actions right up to May, when everything was already decided. And again there was talk that he had reached the ceiling of his Ananidze, he can help Spartak only occasionally, he does not stand for 90 minutes, and in modern football his chances of playing in a big club are quite low. The time of miniature playmakers has already passed, on the flank he has come out once in a while, and no one will be waiting for the next year in Spartak. In the next, in 2019, Ananidze will celebrate his 10th anniversary at Spartak.
And at the same time, the most powerful season risks remaining the one that was held just not in Spartak. In “Rostov”, in addition to the trophy, Jano earned 3 + 7 on the “goal + pass” system. It was then that he, on average, beat and circled more often, and most importantly, he played more often. What was required of Rostov for that season? In essence, the same as in the rest: do not fall low, be in the top ten, cling to a place in European competitions. By that time, the Rostov team finished higher only in 1998 (sixth place); in the 2013/14 season, the team of Bozovic on the seventh line was pulled out just by Ananidze and Dzyuba.
Valery Karpin, Unai Emery, Murat Yakin, Dmitry Alenichev, Massimo Carrera – all these are absolutely different coaches at the head of Spartak. A different approach, a different style, its advantages and disadvantages, but in the case of Jano, each time it ended approximately the same: a loud splash, a smooth descent into the reserve, an injury and a long set of forms. With Bozovic it turned out better – where there is less pressure and easier football. Whether there is more confidence is a moot point, since it was quite a lot in Spartak too.The other day, UEFA gave Georgia a reward for progress in football. This concerned, unfortunately, not football itself, but Fair Play rating. With football, everything is still dull there – the team has not won a single match in the qualification for the 2018 World Cup, and the clubs do not even come close to the group stages of the European competition.