When only nero is left. "Rossoneri" got into a systemic crisis, despite 4th place in the championship
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Dziuba rights: Emery - trainer
Unai Emery - the highest paid coach of the League 1. His salary is 450…


Football players use snus. Why is it important?
Snus is a smokeless type of tobacco. It contains almost three times more nicotine than…

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Dziuba rights: Emery – trainer

Unai Emery – the highest paid coach of the League 1. His salary is 450 thousand euros per month. The closest pursuer, Zhardim from Monaco, gets a whole hundred less. Emery all the time advertises Qatari money and his own bosses. Perhaps that is why he was not fired yet. He sags under the stars, but then he spoils his life. In “PSG” created a team to win the Champions League. It is a pity that the trainer for her was never found.
PSG lost to Real Madrid by two goals. Unai Emery – the main culprit of the fact that now the European team prospects are again under big question. There is no time for dramatic changes, so you have to live with it.
In the match with Real Madrid, the PSG head coach made two controversial decisions:
1) Instead of Thiago Silva, Presnel Kimpemba was based. And to the 22-year-old defender, there are no complaints about the match. Under him, PSG won 21 games out of 22, in which Kimpembe appeared from the first minutes. See you in “Real”, of course. Here Kimpembe did not succumb to dedication even to Ramos. He took the ball out of the goalkeeper and almost scored a goal. But PSG lacked Silva’s leadership attitude. Therefore, Paris so easily faltered after the second ball, when it was necessary to calm down.
2) Goals in the end were not an accident, but flowed from the flow of the match. The beginning of the collapse was the replacement that Emery came up with in the 66th minute. Instead of center forward Cavani on the field left the defender Meunier. Dani Alves went on the attack, Mbappa and Neymar began to change places, but did not understand the ensuing chaos. Emery did not want to win, because he was afraid of a repetition of the Catalan failure. It so happened that with his decision he almost repeated it.
Cavani played faded and created nothing, but Neymar revealed his role. The Brazilian could run all over the field and not feel any personal care. Therefore, at the gates of “Real” regularly there was a danger from the depths. Care centerforward deprived “PSG” attacking advantage. Played against Emery and the unluckiness of Alves. When the Brazilian connected from the depths, there was no danger in his firing. When he officially moved higher, he got lost altogether.
Zidane beat Emery precisely in the coaching confrontation. Two minutes after Meunier, he also removed the striker. Instead, Benzema came out to defeat Gareth Bale. Ronaldo went to the center of the attack, and the Welshman made a red herring when Asensio appeared. Real Madrid’s victorious goals came from the Meunier flank. The exchange of fresh for fresh led to Marcelo’s excessive freedom and Asencio’s creativity. The Brazilian defender scored a goal, and the replacement Marco made two assists. Score 3: 1 – this is serious. Remember how Artem Dzyuba called Emery trainer? This season in Paris proves: the Spaniard was not created to work with big stars. For this, he simply does not have enough charisma.
Therefore, Emery arranges a spineless plea for Neymar, who lives for his own pleasure. Even Florentino Perez is said to be confused by Neymar’s endless get-togethers at nightclubs in London and Paris. The PSG fans boo the Brazilian, but Emery does not say a single bad word. There is no discipline, Neymar is a god, Emery enjoys an imaginary friendship with the players. By the will of Neymar, he even cut a video game of matches.
In the summer, Emery can change Enrique, Conte or Villash-Boash. In the meantime, the coach is completely confused in the situation. He left Lukas who went to Tottenham and blamed the press for information. A speaker for West Brom Kryhovyak worked with Emery in Seville, came to Paris for him, and now accuses the coach of lying. Here, Emery has no real allies, but there is only a shaky place on the bench. The problem is that it won’t give a victory in the Champions League.