Interesting facts about the FIFA World Cup 2018
1. The World Cup Final turned out to be surprisingly productive: France and Croatia scored 6 goals for two. So many goals in the World Cup finals have not been…

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7 players who refused to work with Guardiola at Manchester City
The current Manchester City is a dream club. It has everything to achieve results and become successful. And the main thing that is here is money, a lot of money.…

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Mauro Camoranesi: the cruel fate of the half-forgotten titanium of Italian football
Mauro Camoranesi remains a mystery to the entire football world. He deserves to be remembered, and he has something to brag about for his rich career, but it just so…

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situation has improved

5 players who can enhance Liverpool

“Liverpool”, as never before, started in the current draw of the English Premier League, without losing a single match of the 20 played, as well as having a good points score over competitors in the standings.
This factor certainly makes Jürgen Klopp happy. The German expert is unlikely to have plans for serious perturbations in the team in the winter transfer window, but he admitted that he would not have refused point amplification.
“I am very pleased with the fact that I have at the moment in the personnel plan in the team. However, what awaits us in the future, no one knows, because of what I prefer to always keep the door open. If something happens, we will need to respond. Continue reading

Iceland used to have problems with drugs, but now everyone loves it.

We scared them by the police, showed scary pictures of smoked lungs
June 2, 1993, Reykjavik. The Icelandic national team takes the Russian team and pulls out a 1: 1 draw. The result suits everyone: the Icelanders did not give up to the Russians who were strong at that time, and ours more than a year before the start of the World Cup-94 took home the most important tournament on Icelandic land. No one yet knows that there they will not leave the group, but will forever go down in history thanks to the five balls of Salenko at the gates of Cameroon.
October 14, 1998, Reykjavik. Continue reading

A politician who loves football

Fellut is a tiny village near Budapest, where about two thousand people live. The tranquility of a sleepy Hungarian corner with one main street and several shops is broken only by the “Pancho Arena” – an architectural masterpiece, opened in 2014 with a capacity of 3.8 thousand spectators. The cozy stadium is more like a cathedral: wooden vaults and copper towers give the building an appropriate flavor. Only parking adds a modern appearance to the arena: you can often see the cars of Hungary’s richest people on it.
“Pancho Arena” – a project of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the construction of which took 17 million dollars. The 54-year-old politician has been driving the country since 2010, supports Putin and is simply obsessed with football. Orban fell ill with this game before birth. His father was a fan of football and dragged along with his family, even for open training. Continue reading

Forgotten homeland
The loud statements that the Russian national team reached a new level after the World Cup died down - everything gradually returns to its roots, replete with hopelessness, humiliation and…


See you soon. Who will almost certainly leave Ligue 1 in winter
On the first day of the new year in Europe, the transfer window opened. Large teams are looking for a point gain at problematic positions, while weak teams are preparing…


Solskher will not be fixed in "MJ". Norwegian specialist in the summer will give way to Pochettino
“Manchester United”, after two and a half years of cooperation, dismissed Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese during this time won the League Cup, the Supercup of England and the Europa League,…