The most expensive defenders in the history of "Barcelona"
FootballHD recalls defense players whose transfers cost the Catalan club treasury a pretty penny. December 20, "Barcelona" announced an agreement with "Valencia" about the transition on loan to defender Jason…

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How "Manchester City" beat "Liverpool" and returned to the golden race
In the match, which indirectly could be called gold, Guardiola and Klopp again came face to face to give us the best football. After the zeros on the scoreboard in…

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Young top talents.
In 2003, the leadership of the Tuttosport publication had the idea to establish an award for the best young footballer in Europe, which will be awarded annually. In order to…

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psychological discomfort

I support a team that no one likes.

– Why are Atalanta fans not friends with anyone? – A question on one of the football excursions in Bergamo.
“Historically, it was considered a rejected city, a city in which people were forced to fight for their lives and the right to happiness,” the guide’s emotional response hit everyone.
That phrase is like the image of all Atalanta fans. Milan with two superclubs is located very close to Bergamo, and some tifozy “Rossoneri” and “Inter” mockingly call Bergamo a suburb. But even in such conditions, “Atalanta” fights and defends its identity.
In 2002, in the next issue of Futbol magazine, there was material about the new season of the Italian Championship, and the first team in alphabetical order was Atalanta. Beautiful name, aesthetic coat of arms, favorite black and blue colors – life seemed to lead me to the “Goddess”. Then, as a nine-year-old boy, I just entered the world of football and did not even know how much pain Atalanta would cause me in the future. Continue reading

Veteran “Spartacus”, which still has not lit.

Many spoke of a small, fragile boy from the Spartak double. The head coach with a sonorous name failed, and instead the team was headed by a general director who had never coached anyone before. It seemed that such a rearrangement would not bring red and white anything but a new failure, but Karpinsky Spartak -2009 turned out to be perhaps the prettiest in the recent history of the club. Would he be a champion, but the cruel pragmatist Kurban Berdyev shattered all hopes to smithereens.
The guy from the double had already cut through the game for the home team. He scored his first goal at the age of 16 very beautifully in the Krasnodar Cup game, and in the derby with Lokomotiv at the age of 17 years and 8 days, he became the youngest scorer in the history of Russian championships. Continue reading

Not really football: what you need to know about the scandal “Dynamo” and “Mariupol”

The biggest scandal in Ukrainian football this summer – the non-appearance of Dynamo Kyiv for the 7th round match of the Premier League in Mariupol – only at first glance it has a purely sports basis. Ukrainian football is a long and complex history of relations between the powerful, a series of alliances, betrayals, offenses and backstage negotiations. Often intertwined with big politics and always tied up with big money and influence. What are silent, discussing the topic of “Dynamo” and “Mariupol” – in the material RBC-Ukraine.
Post-revolutionary decline
After 2014, the second Maidan, the start of the war and the annexation of a part of the Ukrainian territory, the once growing, albeit with oligarchic money, Ukrainian football entered a steep dive. Part of the Ukrainian oligarchs were cut off from budgetary flows and influence on political processes. Some of them were forced to flee the country, while others cost a significant drop in Forbes ratings. Continue reading

What are “crosses” anyway? Injury that knocked out three players of the Russian national team
One of the main stabilizers of the knee joint is the anterior cruciate ligament, there is also the posterior. The front prevents the forward movement of the lower leg under…


The main virtues of 2018. Let's talk about the "saints" of the world of football
Let's be honest, footballers rarely boast a good reputation. Drinkers, brawlers and revelers - when you have money and fame, the world is full of temptations. But this is not…


City where football clubs constantly die
Nizhny Novgorod is one of the most important millionaires in the country. Argentina, England, Croatia and other top teams will soon arrive there, and then one of the quarterfinals of…