Interesting facts about the World Cup
Very little time remains before the start of the World Cup, which will be held in our country. And the very first such tournament was held in 1930 in Uruguay.…

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Shunsuke Nakamura: Japanese genius, who became the legend of "Celtic"
Despite the considerable success, few of the fans with warmth recalls the “Celtic” from the time of Gordon Strachan. They prefer the five-year plan led by Martin O'Neill, who returned…

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I earn so much that I can buy your life. ” The most fierce brawler of our time
"Such a life. It's just me, ”Marco Arnautovich said with a helpless gesture when he crashed a club car two days after receiving it. In “Twente” they understood what they…

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Sulskher in the United, and where are the others? Remember the coaching success of students of Sir Alex

Sulskher in the United, and where are the others? We recall the coaching success of the students of Sir Alex Staw, the main “Joker” in Manchester United, Ole-Gunnar Solskher forever loved the stands of the Old Trafford. Now he has to prove that he deserves to raise the club from its knees as a coach.
“The murderer with the face of the baby” will fill the void formed after the dismissal of Jose Mourinho. “United” will not be his first club – before that he had trained the reserves of the Red Devils, Cardiff City and his native Molde, to which he would soon return.
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The most expensive defenders in the history of “Barcelona”

FootballHD recalls defense players whose transfers cost the Catalan club treasury a pretty penny.
December 20, “Barcelona” announced an agreement with “Valencia” about the transition on loan to defender Jason Murillo. For the six months of the loan, the Catalans paid 2.5 million euros to the Levantis, and also registered in the contract a redemption option of 25 million euros.
If in the summer Barcelona wants to use the option and concludes a full-fledged contract with Murillo, this player will go down in the history of the Catalan club, as one of the most expensive defense players. So far, the top ten most expensive defenders bought by Barcelona look like this.
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Before Gareth Bale was Freddy Eastwood. The main hope of Wales, which almost everyone has forgotten

In August 2007, the 23-year-old striker scored a goal during his debut in the Wales national team, thanks to which Bulgaria was replayed. The blow impressed: Eastwood demonstrated desire, technique and precision, which was not expected from a beginner.
“It was a special goal. Finally, we have a football player who knows how to play on the edge. We heard about his exploits, and immediately tried to call him into the national team of Wales, ”recalls coach John Toshack. Continue reading

What is it - to root for the team, which is long gone
“My life changed dramatically on May 6, 2006, on the day of Saint George, which is highly revered in Ossetia. On this day, Stavropol Dynamo and Alania (1: 3) played…


The main virtues of 2018. Let's talk about the "saints" of the world of football
Let's be honest, footballers rarely boast a good reputation. Drinkers, brawlers and revelers - when you have money and fame, the world is full of temptations. But this is not…


Who is Ayrton Lucas and why is he to Spartak?
On Monday, December 17, Spartak announced the acquisition of left-back Fluminense, Ayrton Lucas, with whom a long-term contract was concluded. According to unofficial information, Muscovites paid about 7 million euros…